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Maintenance Technician - Job Description

Maintenance Technician - Job Description

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Main Job Responsibilities
  • Bullet PointLEVEL #1 is a person who is entry level will do jobs such as: cleaning trucks, work with hand tools, perform tire services, general shop upkeep and cleaning, and other duties delegated by Management.
  • Bullet PointLEVEL #2 Perform all level 1 duties if asked but will spend most of the time on Preventative maintenance, Servicing of trucks and trailers, DOT Inspections on trucks and trailers, minor engine diagnostics, emissions systems troubleshooting, and during this time receiving training from inside and outside people, and vendors to improve your skill set to advance though the levels.
  • Bullet PointLEVEL #3 Perform all level 2 skills- Follow manuals, understand all suspension, and steering components with ability to adjust and repair, have full understanding on the class 8 braking system. Read job orders and observe and listen to truck in operation to determine malfunction and plan work procedures.
  • Bullet PointLEVEL 4 Perform all level 3 skills, Supervise and delegate tasks to shift technician oversee all jobs, Review paperwork daily to make sure parts and times are right, watching parts inventory and stocking parts and catching all warranty parts, oversee all tools and maintain a clean shop and work area, Perform tasks delegated by the Director of Maintenance.

Education and Experience
  • Bullet PointHigh school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Bullet PointTwo-year degree in Diesel Mechanics preferred, but not necessary
  • Bullet Point2 years truck maintenance preferred, but not necessary

Skills and Personal Characteristics
  • Bullet PointElectrical and mechanical
  • Bullet PointProblem solving
  • Bullet PointCDL preferred but not required
  • Bullet PointThorough, detail oriented
  • Bullet PointDependable
  • Bullet PointTakes initiative
  • Bullet PointEnjoys challenges
  • Bullet PointFollows instructions well

Physical Requirements
  • Bullet PointWork 8 hours per day 5 days per week with occasional overtime
  • Bullet PointStand and walk on concrete surface constantly
  • Bullet PointBend at knees frequently
  • Bullet PointCrouch and crawl on hands and knees frequently
  • Bullet PointContinuous use of hand tools with frequent pinching, grasping, twisting and bending
  • Bullet PointFrequent use of air-impact wrench: weight 33 pounds
  • Bullet PointFrequent work above shoulder level with tools and to manipulate parts
  • Bullet PointMust be able to lift 50 pounds on frequent basis and 100 pounds to waist height on occasional basis. Demonstrate proper use of mechanical lift aids is required.
  • Bullet PointMust be able to assist other in lifting or maneuvering parts up to 100 pounds on a rare occasion.
  • Bullet PointMust be able to push/pull 100 pounds/force on an occasional basis
  • Bullet PointMust be able to push/pull 20 pounds/force on frequent basis
  • Bullet PointMust be able to climb ladders safely when working on tractor-trailer
  • Bullet PointMust be able to walk up and down 9 steps on an occasional basis
  • Bullet PointMust be able to lift and operate a 22-pound sledge hammer on occasional basis
  • Bullet PointMust be able to maintain balance when standing at heights on a frequent basis
  • Bullet PointMust be able to safely drive tractor-trailer in and out of shop area
  • Bullet PointMust be able to communicate with drivers and shop foreman
  • Bullet PointMust be able to compress clutch pedal with approximately 70 pounds of push force
  • Bullet PointMust be able to climb in and out of tractor using various configurations of steps and handholds on a frequent basis
  • Bullet PointMust be able to reach away from body on continuous basis to use tools and manipulate parts

Certified Top Pay Carrier

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