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Entry Level Accounts Receivable Specialist

Main Job Responsibilities
  • Communicate with customers to secure payment on past due accounts
  • Log details of collection calls in Credit and Collections
  • Update appropriate personnel regarding customer's payment pattern changes
  • Research and answer customer questions
  • Research and resolve variances between invoiced and collected amounts
  • Prepare and post After the Fact invoices and credit memos
  • Access customer websites for payment information or invoice rejections
  • Retrieve EFT payments
  • Post cash receipts to proper customer account, and maintain associated journals
  • Update Daily aging reports
  • Conduct credit checks on prospective new customers
  • Additional duties: Fuel Recon, Vendor Set-up

Education and Experience
  • High School Education required
  • 2 years of college experience preferred
  • 1 year experience preferred

Skills and Personal Characteristics
  • Strong oral and written communications and interpersonal skills
  • Strong computer skills/technology proficiency in Microsoft excel and word
  • Creative and proven analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to organize work and priorities to meet deadlines
  • Thorough and detail oriented
  • Comfortable in fast paced, high intensity transportation accounting environment

Physical Requirements
  • No Special Requirements

Certified Top Pay Carrier

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