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Second Shift Dispatcher - Job Description

Second Shift Dispatcher - Job Description

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Main Job Responsibilities
  • Bullet PointField incoming calls from drivers and relay information as may be required to include load requirements to drivers. If these calls require communication with other work areas, then ensure this communication occurs
  • Bullet PointCommunicate necessary information to the day shift operations personnel to include potential service issues/concerns
  • Bullet PointTrack loads as may be requested by day shift personnel - Communicate to customers as may be required to inform them of changes in ETA's, etc.
  • Bullet PointCompletion of service reports as maybe required - Entering directions and pertinent customer information as may be required
  • Bullet PointFile repair orders
  • Bullet PointFile/match-up on road repairs
  • Bullet PointCoordinate on road breakdowns
  • Bullet PointAssist drivers with HazMat, O, S & D, and minor accidents
  • Bullet PointSpecial duties

Education and Experience
  • Bullet PointHigh school diploma
  • Bullet Point1 - 2 years in transportation

Skills and Personal Characteristics
  • Bullet PointGood interpersonal skills
  • Bullet PointGood written and verbal skills
  • Bullet PointKnowledge of the United States
  • Bullet PointComputer skills
  • Bullet PointKnowledge with hours of service and DOT Regulations
  • Bullet PointAble to work without supervision
  • Bullet PointFlexible - Dependable

Physical Requirements
  • Bullet PointNo Special Requirements

Certified Top Pay Carrier

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