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Barr-Nunn Logistics ships for hundreds of companies nationwide. We have the customer base and reputation you need to succeed. Regardless of what type of freight you carry, Barr-Nunn Logistics has the freight for you. We have friendly associates and an online freight board where you can easily bid on freight real-time. If you want to succeed, Barr-Nunn Logistics is the right choice for you.

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With access to Barr-Nunn Transportation's fleet of over 500 power units, as well as thousands of contracted carriers nationwide, Barr-Nunn Logistics can meet and exceed all your transportation needs. Whether you need a 53' dry van, a reefer, or a flatbed, Barr-Nunn Logistics gets the job done. We also offer competitive rates on volume shipments taking 12 to 32 feet of trailer.

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